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architecture & construction

We offer architectural and design services for all kinds of civil and construction services with specialization in home construction. Our team of expert architects and civil engineers can design a house for you with best possible utilization of land while keeping it within your budget.

allied services



Paint works

metal fabrication

Wood works

Any construction project is incomplete without active involvement from services departments like plumbing, electrical, paint works, metal fabrication and wood works etc. By the time the project is completed, about 30 % of expenses are occurred on these departments. We have our own team of technicians with custom made workshop for these services. We will provide all these services for you at a pocket friendly cost and guarantee of quality and durability.

Hi Tech Solution

Utilization of state of the art machinery and raw materials enables our team of skilled managers and technicians to provide our customers with quick, low cost and efficient solutions to cater all your home needs.

Interior design & renovation

Apart from construction of new homes, we also provide services for renovation / extension of your existing homes. Our design experts can advise you on how you can utilize your existing home more efficiently with a modern look.

The most important factor that differentiates your house from a home is interior designing. Our team of experts can assist you in designing your home and execute it for you at rates that are well below market rates.

Living / drawing






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